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MyWorks Integration for Xero and WooCommerce
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Free up time to focus on the business

Don’t get bogged down by manual workflows that can easily be automated. MyWorks creates the balance you need to grow your WooCommerce store while managing accounting activities at scale.

“MyWorks is reasonably priced, works like a charm, very easy to tailor to just how I specifically need things to sync. Customer Service is A+.”

Rachelle O.
Business Owner

Save Time
With MyWorks integration for Xero, you can:
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Achieve Data Accuracy - Every Time

Take the human aspect out of day-to-day data entry. By relying on an intelligent integration to automate manual processes, you’ll get clean, error-free data.

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Save Time on Manual Accounting Tasks

Automate your books and other time-consuming admin tasks. It’s time to become more efficient in back-office work so you can focus on growing your business.

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Customize the Way You Sync Your Data

Control how and when your Xero data appears in WooCommerce, and vice versa. With our powerful two-way integration, you can fully customize your e-commerce accounting flow.

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Feel Secure with a Central Source of Truth

No more shuffling between platforms or manually transferring data between your e-commerce and accounting tools. MyWorks Sync for Xero lives right inside WooCommerce.

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Benefit From Scalable Growth With the Right Tool

Save money with an affordable and highly customizable accounting automation tool.

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The most customizable automation solution on the market
Flexible Order Syncing

Control how order information is handled and displayed in Xero.

“MyWorks is a fantastic software. There is simply nothing else on the market with the depth and ability to sync product, customer and order data between WooCommerce and accounting.”

Brendon B.
Ecommerce Director

Automatic Data Syncing Between Platforms

Efficiently handle inventory and pricing management with automatic syncing.

"I like how reliable MyWorks is. The setup was easy and it makes a painful part of my ecommerce business disappear.”

Chris S.
COO, Small business

Sync Payments with Currency & Transaction Fee Support

Advanced payment support customized to your business workflows.

"Seamless data transfer makes keeping QB up to date a breeze!"

Brandon T.

Small Business Owner

Flexible Product Data and Customer Mapping

Easily map products with Xero products or accounts.

"MyWorks has been great. The sync deals with our fairly complex WooCommerce product setup. The other options we looked into didn't come close to as capable.”

Rob W.
CTO, Small Business

Ready to leave manual

bookkeeping behind?

Join our community of thriving e-commerce business owners. Experience the power of accounting automation and focus on scaling your business.


Do you have any questions? We have answers!

Does WooCommerce integrate with Xero?

WooCommerce does not integrate with other platforms on its own. However, MyWorks provides a powerful integration for WooCommerce and Xero. With a MyWorks integration, you can seamlessly and automatically sync data both ways between WooCommerce and Xero.

How do I integrate WooCommerce with Xero?

Integrating WooCommerce and Xero with MyWorks is simple. After installing the MyWorks helper plugin in WooCommerce, you can link it to Xero with just one click, and start syncing data. You maintain complete control over how data gets synced with our customisable mapping settings.

How often does MyWorks sync data between WooCommerce and Xero?

MyWorks lets you select your sync interval – every 5, 10, 30 or 60 minutes.


If you don’t want your data to sync in real-time, you can easily turn the sync on or off in your Settings. The real-time sync can also be adjusted by data type.