How Bright Vessel Efficiently Manage Over 400 Client Websites With a MyWorks Integration

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Bright Vessel, founded in November 2013 by Judd Dunagan and his team, is a dynamic business group specializing in digital solutions. From WooCommerce website management to hosting services and innovative plugins, Bright Vessel offers a diverse range of services to optimize online businesses and enhance the digital experience.

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How MyWorks helped Bright Vessel Group

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Time Savings

MyWorks automated the reconciliation process, saving Bright Vessel valuable time that would otherwise be spent on manual data entry.

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Detailed Insights

MyWorks provided comprehensive data, offering Bright Vessel a better understanding of their financial efficiency and areas for improvement.

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Simplified Accounting

MyWorks streamlined accounting processes, making it easier for Bright Vessel to manage multiple businesses efficiently.

When you’re a business owner deeply immersed in the world of technology, you understand the vast potential technology holds and the complexities it brings. One of these complexities lies in optimizing eCommerce and accounting software, managing the influx of data, and exploring integration possibilities. In this customer story, we dive into how Judd Dunagan, the founder of Bright Vessel, uses MyWorks to seamlessly sync WooCommerce with QuickBooks, transforming the way they process essential data.

About Bright Vessel Group

The Bright Vessel group of companies, founded in November 2013 by Judd Dunagan and his team, began as a typical digital agency. However, they soon found their niche in WooCommerce website management, offering comprehensive services that ranged from product additions to plugin updates. Their hosting business,, emerged from a demand for hosting services from their website management clients. And their fastest-growing venture, Bright Plugins, focuses on creating WooCommerce plugins to enhance the online shopping experience. Dunagan’s dedication to software development is evident in his words:

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“I love creating software. It’s a lot easier to nurture a product than a client.”

Challenges Bright Vessel Faced

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“MyWorks works pretty great! I kinda got rid of my bookkeeper because of it.” 

With multiple successful businesses under the Bright Vessel brand, managing accounting became increasingly complex. Four years ago, they transitioned from FreshBooks to QuickBooks, seeking better mapping and improved efficiency. This transition was vital to keep up with the rising volume of orders pouring in from various businesses.

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 “I could have gotten my bookkeeper to enter our sales data manually, but it would have been almost a full-time job.” 

Automation through MyWorks was the solution that saved them valuable time and streamlined their accounting processes.

How MyWorks Helped Bright Vessel

MyWorks proved to be a game-changer for Bright Vessel. It enabled them to automatically reconcile both their WooCommerce website management plans and Bright Plugins. These two distinct streams of income, going into the same bank account, were seamlessly auto-reconciled with QuickBooks through MyWorks.

Now, with MyWorks in place, the bookkeeper’s role has simplified to cross-checking the books at year-end, thanks to the comprehensive data flow between MyWorks and QuickBooks.

This automated system not only saved time but also provided Dunagan with detailed insights. Although following a challenging transition to QuickBooks, the integration with MyWorks was surprisingly simple. Dunagan emphasizes the importance of setting up the accounting process correctly from the beginning.

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“Doing your books the right way from the beginning is huge. MyWorks played a pivotal role in helping us achieve this. Now we have a better understanding of where we’re inefficient and how we can improve things.”

In recommending MyWorks Sync to his customers, Dunagan highlights the immediate support they received from the MyWorks team as a top benefit compared to other solutions.

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“I’ve referred you guys endlessly to tons of customers.” 


In the busy world of Bright Vessel, where managing over 400 websites and numerous businesses is a daily task, MyWorks has become an indispensable tool. It not only simplified Bright Vessel’s accounting processes but also offered valuable insights into their financial efficiency.

The story of how Bright Vessel adopted MyWorks serves as a testament to the power of streamlined technology and the efficiency the right tools can achieve in managing complex business operations.

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