Seaflora Skincare: Streamlining Digital Transformation with MyWorks

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Seaflora Skincare is a second-generation family-owned manufacturing company, which has been in operation since 1995. With a wide range of 338 skincare and cosmetic products, they sell online through their own website and export globally while also supplying spas, hotels, salons, and retail stores across Canada.  

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How MyWorks helped Seaflora Skincare

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Data accuracy

MyWorks allowed Seaflora Skincare to automate data transfer, eliminating human error from manual data entry. 

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Improving Efficiency and Productivity

With MyWorks, Seaflora Skincare saved 1 hour each day from manual accounting tasks. The team invested this time in further improving business efficiency. 

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Boosting Morale and Job Satisfaction

The implementation of MyWorks reduced monotonous data entry tasks for Seaflora Skincare, freeing up time for the team to focus on growth and innovation.  

For many business owners, the COVID-19 pandemic brought about a new normal that required pivoting their business models to stay afloat. With the sudden surge in eCommerce and limited foot traffic due to lockdowns and regulations, transitioning to online stores became crucial. However, this shift necessitated significant changes in standard operating practices. MyWorks emerged as the go-to solution for streamlining this process for businesses in transition.


We had a chat with Seaflora Skincare’s team to hear about how they leveraged MyWorks to enhance the digital part of their business.

Seaflora Skincare: A Family-Owned Manufacturing Company

Seaflora Skincare is a second-generation family-owned manufacturing company based on Vancouver Island, Canada. Since its establishment in 1995 by Adam Butcher’s parents, the business has grown to become highly successful, supplying 338 individual skincare and cosmetic products. They sell their products online through their own website and export them to Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, and the US. Additionally, Seaflora Skincare supplies spas, hotels, salons, and retail stores across Canada. Recognizing the importance of an online presence, Adam Butcher and his partner took over the business in 2015 with a vision to focus on digital transformation.

The Benefits of an E-commerce Store

Despite having an eCommerce store since 2010, Seaflora Skincare initially kept it in the background due to concerns from partners and wholesale customers. However, as global companies began opening their direct-to-consumer websites around 2014, the landscape started changing. Seaflora Skincare realized the need to establish a stronger online presence. By embracing eCommerce, they aimed to put a bigger focus on digital platforms, automation, and new products.

The Impact of COVID-19

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Seaflora Skincare’s decision to invest in their eCommerce store proved to be a game-changer. While many businesses struggled to adapt, Seaflora Skincare had already been focusing on eCommerce for three years, constantly improving their online presence. The pandemic resulted in a significant shift in their business model. They lost 99% of their B2B business but experienced a sudden doubling of online sales. 

The Need for a Streamlined Bookkeeping Solution

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For too long, it was all manual. It’s kinda like putting a weight around your ankle and trying to go swimming. MyWorks solved all of that.”

Throughout their journey, Seaflora Skincare relied on WooCommerce as the backbone of their website. Despite not having a technical background, Adam Butcher found WooCommerce to be a reliable and user-friendly tool.


However, at the onset of the pandemic, Butcher had to reduce the staffing hours which forced him to take over a lot of the manual data transfer from WooCommerce into QuickBooks. He realized just how monotonous and time-consuming manual data entry can be.

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“I’d print off a stack of the orders every day and sit at the computer with QuickBooks open and type type type. I thought, ‘this is nuts. This cannot go on. This isn’t sustainable. I can’t believe I’m paying somebody to do this.”

This tedious and time-consuming process highlighted the need for a more streamlined solution.


Boosting Efficiency with MyWorks

To overcome the challenges of manual data entry and improve efficiency, Seaflora Skincare integrated MyWorks into their system. MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce offered the perfect solution to automate their data transfer process. By eliminating manual data entry, MyWorks enabled Seaflora Skincare to save an hour a day, allowing their team to focus on tasks that drive the company forward.

Enhancing Morale and Productivity

The implementation of MyWorks not only improved efficiency but also had a positive impact on company morale. The Seaflora team no longer had to spend time on monotonous data entry tasks, leading to a significant boost in motivation and job satisfaction. By reducing the burden of redundant activities, MyWorks enabled Seaflora Skincare to allocate more time and resources to generating new business and developing innovative products and systems.

myworks success story
“It saves at least an hour a day for someone—that’s at least an hour a day that they have to do something else that pushes our company forwards.    With MyWorks, we’ve been able to limit the time that the team was spending on these redundant activities and increase the time generating new business and building new products and new systems.

Seamless Integration and Support

Setting up MyWorks Sync was a straightforward process for Seaflora Skincare. With assistance from the MyWorks support team, they quickly addressed any initial challenges, including different currencies. Throughout their partnership, Seaflora Skincare experienced a smooth integration and encountered no issues that couldn’t be resolved with the help of the MyWorks team.


Empowering Business Transformation with MyWorks

Seaflora Skincare’s journey exemplifies the challenges faced by business owners during the pandemic and the importance of maintaining strengths and values while adapting to the new normal. MyWorks played a crucial role in streamlining their digital transition, enhancing efficiency, and boosting morale. By allowing Seaflora Skincare to focus on core business activities, MyWorks enabled them to thrive in the evolving eCommerce landscape.

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