MyWorks Helps Leisure Installs Drive 400% Turnover Growth by Streamlining Operations

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Leisure Installs offer pre-fabricated outdoor recreational equipment and its assembly.

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How MyWorks helped Leisure Installs

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Greater efficiency & Accuracy

By integrating their systems with MyWorks, Leisure Installs removed manual data entry from their workflow, resulting in accurate books in less time.

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Accurate Inventory management

With MyWorks sync, Leisure Installs gained real-time visibility into their inventory levels across e-commerce and accounting platforms, allowing the team to fulfil customer orders promptly.

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Seamless Order Management

Using MyWorks, Leisure Installs could seamlessly sync orders, track payments, and generate accurate invoices. This streamlined order management process improved customer service, cash flow, and satisfaction.

As the owner of a WooCommerce store, you likely receive a lot of data on a daily basis. This data includes orders, service requests, customer information, and accounting records. With all this information, it can be overwhelming to keep up, especially as your business grows.


We spoke with Sasha from Leisure Installs, a satisfied MyWorks customer, who successfully set up a two-part e-commerce business that achieved 400% monthly growth in turnover.

About Leisure Installs

Leisure Installs, an Arizona-based company, specializes in the assembly of pre-fabricated outdoor recreational equipment. With a unique business model that combines service offerings and retail sales, Leisure Installs provides construction teams to assemble products purchased by customers. They also offer a range of playsets, basketball hoops, and trampolines from affiliated leisure brands. Serving both consumers and businesses, Leisure Installs has become a go-to destination for hassle-free outdoor equipment solutions.

A Unique Business Model—with Unique Challenges


Leisure Installs operates a unique WooCommerce storefront where their services are productized. Customers can select a specific make and model of a product they have already purchased, and Leisure Installs provides a quote for the assembly service. This approach streamlines the process and simplifies pricing, but it presented challenges in setting up the system. MyWorks guided Leisure Installs through the integration, ensuring a smooth implementation of their two-sided website structure.

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“MyWorks walked us through the setup seamlessly. It’s intuitive and easy to understand.”

Handling Rapid Growth

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“With MyWorks, everything now runs through our store. I can easily manage order volumes, identify issues, and direct complaints to the right channels. It’s become a critical component of our operations.”

As Leisure Installs experienced exponential growth, they needed a solution that could scale alongside their business. Since making Leisure Installs her full-time venture, Sasha has witnessed a 200-400% increase in turnover month after month. With a revenue jump from $30,000 to over a quarter of a million dollars in a year, Leisure Installs is on track to surpass half a million dollars in annual turnover. MyWorks proved invaluable in managing this growth by seamlessly syncing all order and customer data to QuickBooks.

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“As we’ve grown, we’ve added a number of integrations. MyWorks Sync has been instrumental in keeping everything running smoothly.”

Before adopting MyWorks Sync, Leisure Installs relied on Google Calendar apps and manual correspondence to manage their business. The lack of automation and integration made operations cumbersome and time-consuming. MyWorks transformed their processes by centralizing all order management and automating data syncing between WooCommerce and QuickBooks.

Improving Efficiency

An Automation Solution Built for Scale

Leisure Installs, with the assistance of MyWorks, has evolved from a side-hustle to a thriving service offering website generating triple-figure earnings within a year. The seamless integration and customizable functionality provided by MyWorks have empowered Leisure Installs to handle rapid growth while maintaining operational efficiency.


If you’re facing complex business challenges or experiencing growing pains, MyWorks offers the ideal solution. Schedule a demo call today and discover how our automation tools can transform your accounting and streamline your operations.

leisure installs

“Now we’ve matured, and I don’t have the time to keep track of hundreds of customer’s orders and phone calls. MyWorks has been incredibly helpful.

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