How Haley Nutrition Cut Costs and Automated Their Business with MyWorks

Haley Nutrition


Haley Nutrition offers unique aloe vera products for gut health and immune system support worldwide.

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How MyWorks helped Haley Nutrition:

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Cutting costs

Haley Nutrition previously used a different syncing software which proved costly. By switching to MyWorks, they found a more affordable solution that provided the same functionality and even better support. 

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Efficient Issue Resolution

The MyWorks Support team was quick to resolve any issues which resulted in minimal disruptions to Haley Nutrition’s business.

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Business Automation

Haley Nutrition use plugins extensively to automate all parts of their business. MyWorks seamlessly integrated with existing extensions, further streamlining Haley Nutrition’s operations. 

Every business is unique, and at MyWorks, we understand the importance of providing automation solutions that can adapt to your specific needs. Dr. Michael Haley and his partner Sylvia, sat down with us to discuss why transitioning to MyWorks Sync was the right move for their online nutrition business.

A Unique eCommerce Nutrition Store

Haley Nutrition offer aloe vera products for gut health and immune system support worldwide. The company was founded a decade ago by Dr. Michael Haley, who is a trained chiropractor.


Dr. Haley and his partner Sylvia are the only two full-time employees of Haley Nutrition, with two remote, part-time members making up the rest of their team. The company ships out between 500 and 800 packages a month, all sold on their WooCommerce store and synced to QuickBooks using MyWorks.


What sets Haley Nutrition apart is their commitment to providing a unique product that can’t be found elsewhere. Their frozen aloe vera gel, made with 100% aloe vera and no added preservatives, requires special shipping considerations uncommon in international eCommerce.

Michael Haley

“We started small, as a little side business. Eventually, the WooCommerce sales increased so much I stopped taking new patients.”  

Solving Challenges with MyWorks

Reducing Costs and Getting More Support

Michael Haley

“We use a lot of plugins. The website runs on its own. I’ve been taking some vacation time. It works.” 

When seeking a syncing solution, Haley Nutrition initially used a different integration that proved to be costly upon renewal. They explored other options and discovered MyWorks. Not only did MyWorks offer a more affordable alternative, but the level of support stood out. With their previous syncing solution, Haley Nutrition experienced delays and additional charges when encountering problems. MyWorks offered excellent and responsive customer support at no extra cost. Dr. Haley highlighted that issues are resolved promptly by the MyWorks Support team, with minimal disruptions to their operations.

Michael Haley

“With the previous syncing solution, when we encountered a problem, we had to spend hours troubleshooting and were charged by the hour to fix things. It wasn’t a good fit. With MyWorks, however, it’s usually fixed right away. We get excellent service from you guys.”


Haley Nutrition’s WooCommerce store relies on a wide range of plugins to enhance their operations, including broken link checkers, follow-up email services, contact forms, and more. MyWorks seamlessly integrates with these extensions, allowing Haley Nutrition to automate their entire business process.

Streamlining Business Processes with Automation

One hurdle they encountered with their uniquely preservative-free frozen product was the complex shipping process. Haley Nutrition have been able to add a FedEx integration to their website, which they’ve linked with MyWorks to send shipping details on sales orders.



With MyWorks handling the syncing between their WooCommerce store and QuickBooks, Haley Nutrition’s team has gained more freedom and time for other important tasks.

Michael Haley
“You guys have a wonderful product. Very affordable and it really helps streamline our online business.”

The MyWorks Advantage

MyWorks has proven instrumental in supporting the growth and success of Haley Nutrition. With MyWorks’ affordable and customizable syncing solution, Dr. Haley and his team have been empowered to streamline their eCommerce nutrition store and automate their business processes. With efficient customer support and prompt issue resolution, MyWorks has proven to be a reliable partner. From seamless integration with QuickBooks to facilitating complex shipping requirements, MyWorks has consistently delivered the tailored solutions Haley Nutrition needed.

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