How Red White & Badass Brew used MyWorks
to cut their bookkeeping time in half


Red White and Badass Brew is a veteran-owned coffee brand, driven by the mission to help and employ US veterans.

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How MyWorks helped Red White & Badass Brew

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Simplified and quick accounting

By automating accounting with MyWorks, Dustin streamlined his operations and saved valuable time from manual bookkeeping, despite his limited knowledge in the area at the start.

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Making room for growth

As orders increased, MyWorks saved Dustin cost from hiring an additional employee for data entry, allowing his business to scale more efficiently. 

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Better customer service

Business growth was followed by increased operational demands which the MyWorks integration took care of in the background. With everyday workflows automated, Dustin could focus on improving efficiency and enhancing the customer experience. 

At MyWorks, our ultimate goal is to provide you with the best automation tools so that you have more time to grow your business. Through conversations with some of our existing customers, we have seen the significant impact that automation can have on a small businesses and what that means to the owner.

Recently, we spoke with Dustin Hayes, a military veteran and owner of the fast-growing coffee brand, Red White and Badass Brew, to understand how MyWorks has helped him in assisting people in transitioning from military to civilian life.

Red White and Badass Brew: A Veteran-Owned Business

In 2013, Dustin was medically retired from the military after being injured in Afghanistan. He had served for over 13 years and was now faced with starting his life all over again. Dustin describes himself as someone who perseveres and figures things out, and that is exactly what he did. Among a few other ventures, Dustin started his coffee business, Red White and Badass Brew, which has been steadily growing ever since.

 Although Dustin has experienced his fair share of battles in life, transitioning from a physically-oriented business like construction to an e-commerce niche presented certain challenges. This venture felt like completely new territory, from figuring out how to set up an online store to representing a brand to marketing labels.


Dustin didn’t want to go down the beaten path and create a cookie-cutter brand like everyone else’s. He had a unique vision for the website that would reflect his customer base and values. With the help of a veteran-owned website company, he successfully achieved this goal. The website now serves as the foundation of his company’s mission to uplift the military veteran community.

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“The objective is to sell coffee. But it’s the mission that’s more important to me. The mission is to hire veterans to work for me as I grow. It’s not just veterans, though – it’s veterans that have injuries from combat, and I’m trying to get them back into the working environment.”

Accommodating Business Growth with Automation

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“I did my research and there were about 4 or 5 integrations to choose from. And MyWorks was the number 1 hit based on the reviews and the easy integration. That’s what makes it so valuable; it gives me time to work on another aspect of the business.”

As the business started to scale, Dustin recognized he needed external help to ease growing pains. His focus was on efficient service delivery and customer experience, so he needed to automate manual bookkeeping tasks to focus on scaling.

This is where MyWorks came in — when starting the business, Dustin had very little knowledge of accounting. Using our integration, he’s been able to integrate QuickBooks seamlessly with his website. The easy setup process made automating accounting with MyWorks a no-brainer for Dustin.

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“It wasn’t difficult. It was actually really, really simple, you have a three-step process. It was not only simple, but the amount of time that it saves me from exporting from WooCommerce to QuickBooks is invaluable.”

While researching different accounting automation options, Dustin says MyWorks stood out for a few reasons. His decision to partner with MyWorks was ultimately driven by the positive customer reviews, the straightforward and user-friendly platform, and the daily time savings.

By handling the automation of his everyday accounting, MyWorks has freed up a significant chunk of Dustin’s time to focus on his products and improve business efficiency.

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“Now that we’re growing, it’s gonna save a full person from doing a job, it’s doing it for them. MyWorks integrates, it matches up my orders correctly, and it is so easy. It’s really very simple.”

With MyWorks Sync handling operations behind the scenes, Dustin can now comfortably expand his business with new product launches. He is soon introducing “Whiskey Business Concentrate,” a pre-made version of Red White and Badass Brew’s top-selling product: Whiskey Business. Yeah, that pun rocks!


Stories like Dustin’s are a testament to how dreams can come true. Anyone can start, nurture and grow their own business, and you don’t have to do it alone. As a small business owner, you’ll need all the help you can get, and the right tools on your side.


MyWorks offers the freedom to optimize and scale your business without worrying about accounting. With the most powerful e-commerce accounting integration in your toolkit, you can save tons of time and focus on growing.

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