How Hazmat Resources used MyWorks and Freed up Time to Grow

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How MyWorks helped Hazmat Resource

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Time Savings

The data syncing automation significantly reduced the time spent on accounting processes, allowing the Hazmat Resource team to focus on other critical aspects of the business. 

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Accounting Data Accuracy

By eliminating manual data entry, MyWorks has reduced the risk of errors in financial records and order management, ensuring greater accuracy.

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Streamlined Order Management

Hazmat Resource can now efficiently handle quotes, estimates, and large orders with ease, resulting in smoother operations and improved customer satisfaction.

In our experience, few job titles show as much commitment to their work as small business owners. Often, they start their businesses based on their passions, which makes their drive to succeed incredibly strong. At MyWorks, we understand that when your business is your life, your free time is limited and valuable. That’s why we’ve developed the MyWorks QuickBooks Sync for WooCommerce.


We had a conversation with Rob, one of the co-owners of Hazmat Resource, who told us how MyWorks made his life easier!

How Rob & Jack started Hazmat Resource

Rob met his business partner, Jack, while he was moving his other website over to the WooCommerce platform. Partnering with Jack, who had the hazmat knowledge, they created Hazmat Resource. Rob focused on web development and online marketing, while Jack handled order fulfilment from their warehouse in California. Together, they work with counties to meet grant needs and fulfil large orders for every type of scenario a responder might encounter. They got the website up and running and started marketing it—and it was growing fast!


After launching the website, Rob wanted to connect with their audience, which includes firefighters, military personnel, and industrial workers who go into dangerous places. He realized the need to connect with them one-on-one. So he launched the Hazmat Roadshow, where he and his wife take examples of Hazmat Resource’s equipment to fire departments across the country. They do live demos and film training videos for firefighters, which they then post on their YouTube channel. The Hazmat Roadshow allows firefighters to train with their equipment, so they are prepared when they encounter real-world situations. This direct human interaction has helped create conversions online.

The Burden of Manual Admin

A lot of Hazmat Resource’s work comes from public and government agencies, so it requires a lot of quotes and estimates. Once an order gets placed on WooCommerce, they’d process it, but there was a lot of manual admin work going into it. Before finding MyWorks, they were still using QuickBooks but without a WooCommerce integration. Feeling overwhelmed by manual bookkeeping tasks, the Hazmat Resource team decided that syncing e-commerce and QuickBooks was the way to go. 

Integrating Woo and QuickBooks with MyWorks

Hazmat Resource

“Whether you were matching products in syncing or trying to get orders to sync in, everything with MyWorks is customizable. We had some specific needs for products of ours, and it made the website a million times easier. MyWorks has done everything we need”

Rob had dealt with WordPress and WooCommerce for years, and knew integrating with QuickBooks could be tricky. In trying to find a solution, Rob looked through their integration options and vetted several competitors before deciding on MyWorks. Hazmat Resource’s journey with MyWorks began with a consultation with our friendly setup team. 

Hazmat Resource
MyWorks was by far the most capable. I don’t recall any other integrations being robust enough. When I found MyWorks, it was amazing because it’s not only flexible, there are a million settings you can customize it with. When we first integrated it, I connected with your support team, and they helped me go through all the little settings to get things right.”

Rob appreciated how customizable MyWorks is, which which allowed Hazmat Resource manage their online store efficiently and with ease.

Get Equipped With The Right Tools

As Rob put it, when your mission is to help everybody learn from each other as you travel across continental America teaching lifesaving lessons, it’s integral to have the right tools on your side.


MyWorks e-commerce accounting integrations automatically sync data from your e-commerce store into your accounting software, saving you valuable time and eliminating the need for manual data entry. Don’t get bogged down by manual bookkeeping tasks—spend your time growing your business instead.

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