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QuickBooks Desktop discontinued? No need to say goodbye yet

QuickBooks Desktop discontinued

You’ve probably heard that Intuit plans to discontinue QuickBooks Desktop after July 31st, 2024. If you’re a subscriber, you may be concerned about the impact on your online store. Will you have to switch platforms and potentially disrupt your business? 

No need to worry — Intuit is only retiring some versions of QuickBooks Desktop, not discontinuing the product altogether. More importantly, current users won’t be affected by these changes.

In this article, we discover Intuit’s recent announcement and what it means for ecommerce businesses. Read on to discover which QuickBooks Desktop services we’ll lose and what options will remain available to users.

Wait! Is QuickBooks Desktop being discontinued or not?

The short answer is no. Some QuickBooks Desktop products will still be available after July 31st, 2024. 

In their announcement, Intuit said they’d stop selling the following versions of QuickBooks Desktop to new US customers:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Mac Plus
  • QuickBooks Desktop Enhanced Payroll

Note the word ‘new’. If you have a QuickBooks Desktop subscription before July 31st, you can keep using it. Intuit will continue to update the software and provide you with support.

QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise isn’t affected. You can subscribe to Enterprise from August onwards and still access all the same features and services.

What’s happening to older versions of QuickBooks Desktop?

All versions of QuickBooks Desktop from 2021 and before will be discontinued as of May 31st, 2024. This means users won’t be able to access live technical support or receive security updates from June 1st onwards.

The specific QuickBooks Desktop products affected are:

  • QuickBooks Desktop Pro 2021
  • QuickBooks Desktop Premier 2021
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 21
  • QuickBooks Premier Accountant Edition 2021
  • QuickBooks Enterprise Accountant 21
  • QuickBooks Desktop for Mac 2021

Intuit recommends upgrading to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 before June. Otherwise, if you run into any issues with your software like data breaches or bugs, they won’t be able to support you.

The future of QuickBooks Desktop

With so many QuickBooks Desktop products being discontinued, it looks like Intuit is inching toward total cancellation. 

Speculation is rife but many believe we won’t see the end of QuickBooks Desktop products for some time. The platform is very popular with thousands of existing users across the US. If Intuit pulls the plug too soon, it risks alienating its customers and losing them to competitors.

Here’s Intuit’s official policy on cancellation:

“We commit to develop easy and straightforward financial tools that help you today and grow with you tomorrow. But it’s a balancing act – making QuickBooks better and easier to use, while still supporting older versions.”

A quick look at user comments suggests they don’t think it’s the end of QuickBooks Desktop either:

quickbooks discontinuing desktop

QuickBooks Desktop 2024

QuickBooks Desktop discontinued

Intuit may eventually retire all its QuickBooks Desktop products. However, they’ll first need to improve QuickBooks Online to match Desktop’s features and functionality. If not, without a realistic alternative to QuickBooks Desktop, customers might go elsewhere. Overall, you can count on there being some version of QuickBooks Desktop for years to come.

Will MyWorks keep supporting QuickBooks Desktop users?

MyWorks Sync will continue to offer integrations with QuickBooks Desktop as long as our customers keep using this product. We have thousands of customers using this version and we plan to keep releasing products tied to its features.

We know many MyWorks users appreciate how QuickBooks Desktop lets them:

  • Handle large transfers without worrying about the Internet connection
  • Store customer data on their servers instead of the Cloud
  • Access advanced inventory management features
  • Make one upfront payment rather than paying monthly subscription fees
  • Keep using their existing version until ready to upgrade

Our priority is supporting MyWorks users the best we can with their ecommerce accounting. As many of our customers depend on QuickBooks Desktop to handle their books, we’ll continue to offer our sync with Woocommerce and Shopify.

QuickBooks Desktop is here to stay

The bottom line is that Intuit isn’t discontinuing all its QuickBooks Desktop products. You don’t have to worry about suddenly losing access to your account and having to overhaul your setup.

Anyone considering QuickBooks Desktop also has plenty of options. You can subscribe before the end of May, get an Enterprise account, or look at other desktop applications like Xero. 

MyWorks Sync is committed to offering a QuickBooks Desktop integration. Our customers can still count on us for seamless connections, automatic data updates, and support with their ecommerce accounting.

Got an ecommerce store and using QuickBooks Desktop? 

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Switching to QuickBooks Online? 

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